Fresh, clean water on tap from clean and pure water filters

A wide range of clean and pure water filters is available to give you the health, flavor and enjoyment benefits of cool, fresh water. There are options to suit the volume and method of dispensation that suits you, your family or group and the amount of space available in your kitchen area.

Compact filter jugs from makers such as Brita come in sizes from around 18oz, good for a cup or two of water, fresh coffee or tea. They’re available in classic pitcher shape, or in space saving slim designs to fit in a fridge door, or low, wide units that will fit under shelves. The jugs are available in larger sizes to meet the demands of families, workplaces and sports clubs. They’re available in all colours besides the familiar white and clear plastic, in classic and modern styles fit for serving at table.

As you move up the range, options become available such as faucets for easy dispensing of the water, and digital indicators of filter life and performance. Some makes include electronic purity sensing, and more advanced filters that specialize in filtering specific impurities.

Another alternative is to have a kettle with filtration built in, and take a step out of the process of enjoying tea and coffee made with clear, scale-free water.

Perhaps the most convenient option of all, which would require some plumbing, is the installation of a dedicated filter faucet alongside your existing taps. This could give clear water, even instant hot water at the touch of a button.